elastic , an indoor visual navigation app.

It instantly creates visual routes that you can use to navigate through train & tube stations, airports and foreign locations abroad.

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A complex problem, solved in an elegant way.

  • Hyperlapse videos

    Be guided through any space naturally & intuitively, and see exactly how your environment should change around you. When navigating indoors, conventional top-down maps just won't cut it.

  • Hyperlocal Engagement

    Get exclusive vouchers, deals & recommendations based on where you navigate inside buildings. Always know the best places to go indoors.

  • National Rail Exclusive

    Extensive integration with the UK rail network data feeds allows Elastic to know where you are in train/tube stations and navigates you to platforms, points of interest and exits.

  • Data Usage

    Elastic's video compression algorithms ensure that we keep your data usage significantly low. No suprise bills at the end of the month!


Intuitive, down to its core.

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